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Game Rules

Welcome to our official in-game rulebook for Lm2606's Projects! This page aims to cover the most common rules that are enforced by our staff team across each of our multiple games, including Tyne & Wear, Scottish Midlands, and Tyne & Wear Metro.
Please be aware that this rulebook is not absolute, and staff have the authority to act outside of these rules if absolutely necessary.

By joining our games, you automatically agree to follow these rules. Not being aware of a rule will not be accepted as an excuse.

At the bottom of this page is a list highlighting our ban procedures based on different warning counts. Any issued warnings will stay active for a period of 3 months.
All warnings and bans apply across every game within the Projects, regardless of their origin.

Protests are allowed, but disruption must be minimal.
Do not use vehicles to block any road as part of a protest - these vehicles will be removed by staff.

A1 Toll - Tyne & Wear
At the Haymarket end of the A1, there is a tollbooth in operation across all lanes. This is usually a busy road and it can quickly become heavily congested - as a result, it's vital that traffic is able to flow without any major interruptions.
Due to this, no roadworks, checkpoints or other similar obstructions are allowed within the general vicinity of this tollbooth. Any obstructions can be removed by staff if necessary.

WARNINGS can be issued for the following:

• Failing to follow staff instruction
Purposely refusing to follow reasonable instructions of in-game staff, and/or obstructing their ability to perform their duties.

• Going rogue
Abusing your team to play in an unreasonable and/or disruptive manner, such as using a non-police vehicle to join/assist with a police pursuit or tactical action.

• Chat spam
Flooding the chat with repetitive/unnecessary messages, arguing needlessly, or causing severe disruptions in chat. A MUTE can also be issued if necessary.

• Theft of a restricted vehicle
Gamepass vehicles, private company vehicles and staff vehicles are considered restricted under this rule. If you cannot spawn the vehicle on your current team, you must not take it.
Mod vehicles are easy to identify as these have amber/yellow ELS and "MOD" on their registration plate.

• Avoiding arrest/avoiding punishment

Resetting or leaving to avoid police and/or to avoid staff action.

• Tool abuse
Using any in-game tool in an unreasonable and/or disruptive manner.
False arrests, mass killing, using cordons to disrupt others, false mod/999 calls, and panic/backup button abuse fall under this rule.

• Failing to roleplay (FRP)
Roleplay is semi-enforced - you can choose whether to act out different situations.
However, as soon as you commit a crime, you must roleplay that crime fairly with the police.
Examples of FRP include driving while cuffed, getting out of a locked police vehicle after being placed inside, ignoring chat-based RP such as -drags out-, -grabs-, -pins-, and so on.

• Abusing glitches
Abusing glitches to give yourself an unfair advantage (i.e. glitching through walls, glitching your vehicle to escape police) - this rule applies regardless of how harmless the glitch may be.
Any glitches should be reported using our Contact form.

• Advertising
We do not allow any form of advertising within our Discord server or ingame.
Examples of advertising include: hinting at your server/game, openly trying to direct players towards it, and/or sharing links/invites within public chats.

• ELS abuse
Using your emergency lights in an unreasonable manner.
Examples include turning them on only to pass red lights or congested traffic, using them to avoid fines, and driving round with ELS enabled despite having no emergency to respond to.
Blue Light Runs are not exempt from this rule, as they have the potential to cause unnecessary disruption.

BANS can be issued for the following:

• Exploiting
Player flight, audio exploits, teleports, speed exploits.

• Discriminatory behaviour
Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, gender discrimination.

• Inappropriate behaviour
Mimicking sexual acts, terrorism RPs, suicide RPs and explicit language.

• Creating abusive symbols
Using cordons, players or vehicles to depict abusive symbols or text.

• Severe actions against the community
Discord raids, in-game raids, explicit or spam website queries, DDoS or DoS attacks against our website or community members, doxxing community members.

• Ban evasion
A permanent ban will be issued for all associated accounts.

• Staff impersonation
Display name impersonation is a minimum ban of 7 days, username impersonation is permanent. Our staff will always have a chat tag and an overhead tag, and you can also find a list of our staff on the "Meet The Team" webpage.

• No intent to roleplay
Randomly killing anyone in sight, driving in an excessively disruptive manner with no regard for other players, and anything in a similar manner where you do not intend to properly roleplay.
This is a 3-day ban at minimum, depending on the severity.

Banning Procedure
4 Warnings | 3 DAY BAN
5 Warnings | 5 DAY BAN
7 Warnings | 7 DAY BAN
9 Warnings | 14 DAY BAN
11 Warnings | PERMANENT BAN

If you see anyone breaking these rules, please submit either a Player Report or an Admin Report as needed using our Contact form. We will require evidence in order to proceed with any reports - in most cases, video evidence will be necessary.

You can send us this evidence by uploading it to an external site of your choosing, and sharing a media link in your report. Examples of such sites include YouTube, Streamable, Medal, Gyazo, Imgur, and Lightshot.
Discord links can also serve this purpose, but you must ensure that you share the direct media link and not the message link, otherwise it will not be viewable.

Admin Reports can be submitted if you feel that one of our staff acted unfairly towards you. As above, we will require evidence in order to proceed with any reports.